Getting started

Getting started with Payweb is easy, just follow "Registration" link on the top. The registration procedure is simple and will not take more then a minute. The following information is required to create an account:
- Login and password (you will use this information to log into Payweb; case sensitive);
- Valid email address (this address will be used for further correspondence with you by Payweb staff);
- Your name and last name (be careful and enter this information exactly as it is in your documents).
You will also be asked to enter characters from the picture (randomly generated characters, displayed as an image; this is a spam protection mechanism) in order to successfully register.

After you press "Register" button you will receive an email confirming your registration. Your Payweb ID which is the key information for your further actions in the system can be found on My Payweb account page.

Create a personal account