How do I add funds?

You can add funds to your Payweb account:

- by exchanging most of the e-currencies via Payweb accredited exchange services. The list of available exchange services is available in your Personal section on Payweb site.

- by direct wire transfer - please contact our financial support department for the details at Payweb team will provide you with bank details. You need to submit these details to your bank and instruct it to transfer the funds to Payweb bank account. Please remember to put your Payweb ID in the reference field of the transaction so we could identify the recipient. It may take several days for funds to appear on your balance. Please be noticed that in order to make an incoming wire transfer exceeding $50.000 (or its equivalent in other currency) you will be required to provide a special Declaration of Source of Funds form (DSF) and supportive documentation for the payment.

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