Personal accounts

Payweb allows you to register a personal online account in a minute. Once you join Payweb, you'll instantly be able to send and receive money to/from thousands of Payweb members and shop securely with dozens of our merchant partners. You can also apply for our International Debit Card (see appropriate section of FAQ) which will allow you to shop at retail merchants or shops, pay for your expenses or just withdraw cash from millions of ATMs around the world.

Verified personal accounts may apply to become Merchants. The benefits of becoming a Merchant are many: once you set up a merchant account with Payweb, you can securely accept instant payments from customers of your online shop or service site, or you can provide e-fund exchange services. Our Support Team will gladly help you integrate our API at your page and provide technical assistance whenever needed. For a detailed breakdown of Merchant fees, please consult Fees and Rates page.

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