Surfing Payweb

Once you join Payweb, you will receive your unique ID which will serve both as your identificator and account number in the system. In order to transfer funds to an account, you'll have to know only their ID; in order to receive a payment, you only need to provide your ID. Your login information is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

We've worked hard to make your Payweb experience as pleasant and secure as possible. We do care about the security of our online transactions and your personal data and funds. Please look through the following information carefully.
- Never disclose your login/password to anyone. No Payweb employee will ever ask you for this information.
- Make sure your password is unique and complicated enough to make it impossible for anyone to guess.
- The system's inactivity time-out is about 3 minutes, i.e. if you remain inactive for longer than this time, the system will automatically log you off to protect your account from unauthorized access.
 - You are advised to click "Logout" to close your online session with Payweb every time you decide to log off.

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