Send money to friends and family

You can easily transfer funds between Payweb accounts. Have your distant friends, relatives or partners join Payweb and they'll be able to receive payments instantly. Have them open an International Debit Card — and enable them to retrieve cash from ATMs around the world. In order to execute internal Payweb payment to another user all you should know is their Payweb ID, then follow these simple steps:
- click on "Send money" in your Personal section on Payweb site;
- enter desired amount in proper field (make sure that the balance on your account covers both the transfer amount and service fee. See "Ins and outs" part of FAQ if you need to add funds to your account first);
- put beneficiary's Payweb ID;
 - (optional) enter payment description.

Receiving money from other Payweb users is easy too. All you have to provide them with is only your assigned Payweb ID (you can see it on My Payweb account page); you do not have to provide them with any other information like your e-mail, login name or any other personal data. You may ask the sender to follow the instructions above.
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